Maui wedding photographer "Surreal Dreams"

  Looking into the vast ocean as the sun awakens has always inspired me to become retrospective and it gives me a sense of gratitude towards the life I have been gifted. It was no different on the morning of April 19, 2017. it was 5:45 am and the sky seemed like a watercolor painting, the soft tones and the salty hazy air caressed my inspiration as I stood still absorbing everything. The languid palm trees swinging to the lullabies of the wind and the placid sea kissing the shore as if it was the last good bye between them. 


I will keep the details of the day vague, truly the magic happened not between the lines but actually right on the spot light. 
She came into that beam of light, she stood there. Her eyes expressed en emotion that is seen in the eyes of a baby that rests in the arms of a mother. She was radiant, full of life. More so like a flower blooming in the mists of spring. 


She was a surreal dream

here are the people that made this possible.

Angie Diaz  @Angiediazphotography

Crowns by @Lovesparklepretty

Flowers by Mandy Grace @mandygracedesigns

Make up by @meiliautumnbeauty

Dress by @shopgossamer

Ring by @trumpetandhorn

Model Kasey Priest @Kaseypriest