Maui Wedding Photographer "Lost in Red Sand Love"

There is a primal sense that some of us humans have filled with passion, empathy, and the need to feel connected to a flow of raw and organic energy.  I personally believe that sharing those energies with your other full - to not call them halfs for that would implied that one or both are not complete without each other. sharing those energies helps to bind and bring more trust, fire, excitement and beauty into the relationship. 

The town of Hana, Maui is both notorious and well known for it's nerve wrecking/narrow roads. these, borders terrifying cliffs dressed of nature's most precious art and also, for the enchanting views that leave hopeless hearts enamored with a notion of a Robinson Crusoe's passage

Hidden in the mist of the salt that drifts aimlessly there is a little bay that sits quietly in the town of Hana. The sand that contemplates the soft dawns of each day dresses an off red color given by all the passionate hearts that have fallen in love right on the shore of that magical place. 

And this is the love story of Gabby and Stephen