A Day In The Jungle

There is a sense of gratification i get when my day starts as the sun rises.

The pastel colors of the sky and the anticipation for all the marvelous discoveries that may occur during the journey. The roads are quiet, the birds are submerged in their harmonies and a few of the most passionate wave chasers are already in the water ridding some of the most epic waves on this planet. 

I made a stop at Kuau Market, one of Maui's favorite spots for some good coffee and a little breakfast while I waited for Gabby and Steven. A young beautiful couple that not like most couples, they wanted to ventured out into the unknown and discover some of maui's most epic places. 


once they arrived we hit the road and started our  journey through the snake paved path. A very curvy road with vegetation that makes you feel as if you were part of a fairy tale. An enchanted land of fairies and magic. 

                                                                     We reached our destination at the "Bamboo Forest" a place where the bamboo dances with the wind and one can hear the earth breathe. The colors of life, the smells of freshness, the textures of the leafs and the air as it goes through the nostrils is almost intoxicatingly joyful. 


Gabby and Steven immediately became 2 wild lovers as if the forest would have enchanted them. 

                                                                  Maui is a special place and more when i am able to capture the magic of it and what it does to people. 


Aloha and Mahalo Nui for reading.