Maui Photographer "Moments that tickles the soul"

There is a warming sense I experience every time i photograph families. The way they express their love is so beautiful and it reminds me how grateful I am to have the best parents and sibilings I could have ever asked for. Todd and his family are blessed the same way. Two beautiful kids with the biggest smiles and the curiosity that it is only found in kids at that age. Families may not be easy to photograph due to the nature of little ones but the end result it is without a doubt a very fullfilling one.

Here in Hawaii the term Oaha (family ) is not taken lightly. Families are the structure of society and people here Malama ( respect ) and honor their Ohanas.

Here is what the purest of love can do for my camera

Maui Wedding Photographer "Magic Happens in a Rush"


It was a quiet afternoon. I was getting in my car to drive to work when I received a call. There was a frantic voice on the other end saying, "Juan, my minister is ill. He won't be able to marry us tomorrow and I still have not gotten flowers!" I could feel the desperation in her voice; after all, the idea is to get married once and do it the right way. I embraced the power of 'Juan in a Million' and offered to do her bouquet as a last resort. 'How brave and stupid of me' I thought to myself, as if I was not already running a restaurant, working for a photography company in a hotel, shooting a wedding and now, of course, I had to add the cherry on top with doing the flowers. After we hung up the phone, I looked at myself in the mirror and laughed.
I had helped a dear friend put together a bouquet for a styled shoot once and I was already considering myself an expert. So Taurus of me. But I had heard relief in Vera's voice when I offered to help with the flowers and that made me feel better in some sort of chaotic way even though I knew my world was about to get crazy.

Night fell upon the hour and the stars came out to greet the roaming souls of this remote island in the Pacific. I laid down thinking of ideas of how to build the bouquet and fell into a slumber of dreams. Then the new sun came out and all hopes of a successful day with it. 

At midday, I received a call. There was a manly voice with a very familiar accent saying my name in a joyful tone and expressing that they had found a minister. This was John, Vera's husband-to-be. The first words that came out of my mouth were, "You are Colombian, right?" Surprised by my quick discovery, he asked me, "How did you know?" I am Colombian as well, and I can spot the accent a mile away. From that moment on, I was geared up to do anything and everything to help them have the most amazing day of their lives. I guess you can call it Colombian pride.

I headed into town to look for fillers for the bouquet. What an odyssey to find something decent on such short notice, but I was not giving up. I had finally found a place when I received a call from Vera. She still had a frantic tone but was a bit more relaxed saying that they had found flowers. I was both relieved and sad because I had wanted to debut my florist talents.

As I was driving to the south side, I looked into the sky and saw what I could only describe as the end of all days... A massive dark and malevolent cloud was covering the whole south hemisphere of the island. The heavens were crying. What does this mean? Why would this happen exactly on the day of their wedding? I asked myself all of these questions as I kept driving deeper and deeper into the darkness.

I sat quietly inside my car watching the torrential rain fall. I bundled my thoughts and kept them under an umbrella dry and cozy. The final hour was only minutes away. Everything had been chaotic and rushed, and yet as I stepped outside my vehicle and looked into the horizon where the sky melts with the ocean, I saw an array of yellows, oranges, and reds. The clouds were vanishing like sea foam, like melting snow at the peak of spring. My soul smiled and I reminded myself that magic does exist. I immediately knew John and Vera's sacred union had been blessed by a higher power.

I call this "benevolent chaos". Magic happens in a rush when our hearts are open.

Maui Wedding Photographer "Lost in Red Sand Love"

There is a primal sense that some of us humans have filled with passion, empathy, and the need to feel connected to a flow of raw and organic energy.  I personally believe that sharing those energies with your other full - to not call them halfs for that would implied that one or both are not complete without each other. sharing those energies helps to bind and bring more trust, fire, excitement and beauty into the relationship. 

The town of Hana, Maui is both notorious and well known for it's nerve wrecking/narrow roads. these, borders terrifying cliffs dressed of nature's most precious art and also, for the enchanting views that leave hopeless hearts enamored with a notion of a Robinson Crusoe's passage

Hidden in the mist of the salt that drifts aimlessly there is a little bay that sits quietly in the town of Hana. The sand that contemplates the soft dawns of each day dresses an off red color given by all the passionate hearts that have fallen in love right on the shore of that magical place. 

And this is the love story of Gabby and Stephen 




Maui wedding photographer "Surreal Dreams"

  Looking into the vast ocean as the sun awakens has always inspired me to become retrospective and it gives me a sense of gratitude towards the life I have been gifted. It was no different on the morning of April 19, 2017. it was 5:45 am and the sky seemed like a watercolor painting, the soft tones and the salty hazy air caressed my inspiration as I stood still absorbing everything. The languid palm trees swinging to the lullabies of the wind and the placid sea kissing the shore as if it was the last good bye between them. 


I will keep the details of the day vague, truly the magic happened not between the lines but actually right on the spot light. 
She came into that beam of light, she stood there. Her eyes expressed en emotion that is seen in the eyes of a baby that rests in the arms of a mother. She was radiant, full of life. More so like a flower blooming in the mists of spring. 


She was a surreal dream

here are the people that made this possible.

Angie Diaz  @Angiediazphotography

Crowns by @Lovesparklepretty

Flowers by Mandy Grace @mandygracedesigns

Make up by @meiliautumnbeauty

Dress by @shopgossamer

Ring by @trumpetandhorn

Model Kasey Priest @Kaseypriest


A Day In The Jungle

There is a sense of gratification i get when my day starts as the sun rises.
The pastel colors of the sky and the anticipation for all the marvelous discoveries that may occur during the journey. The roads are quiet, the birds are submerged in their harmonies and a few of the most passionate wave chasers are already in the water ridding some of the most epic waves on this planet. 

I made a stop at Kuau Market, one of Maui's favorite spots for some good coffee and a little breakfast while I waited for Gabby and Steven. A young beautiful couple that not like most couples, they wanted to ventured out into the unkown and discover some of maui's most epic places. 

once they arrived we hit the road and started our journey through the snake paved path. A very curvuous road with vegetation that makes you feel as if you were part of a fairy tale. An enchanted land of fairies and magic. 

We reached our destination at the "Bamboo Forest" a place where the bamboo dances with the wind and one can hear the earth breathe. The colors of life, the smells of freshness, the textures of the leafs and the air as it goes through the nostrils is almost intoxicatingly joyful. 

Gabby and Steven immediately become 2 wild lovers as if the forest would have enchanted them. 

Maui is a special place and more when i am able to capture the magic of it and what it does to peple. 

Aloha and Mahalo Nui for reading.


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